Defining the IFGA Half Black Guppy

Defining the IFGA Half Black Guppy

By Bryan Chin

This article discusses what qualifies as an IFGA half-black guppy. This applies to the many IFGA half-black color classes available to show such as HB Red, HB Blue, HB Green, HB Purple, HB Pastel, HB White and HB AOC. Big thank you to Tom Allen for working with me on this article.

A half-black guppy is any basic color in combination where the body color is black from the dorsal to the caudal fin. To qualify, the body coverage must be at least 60% of the area from dorsal to caudal is black.

Define HB Guppy 1

This example shows 60% black coverage of the area of the defined half-black area.  This is the minimum area to qualify for the IFGA Half-black color class.  Ideal half-black has 100% of the area as black to receive maximum points for coverage (2 points).


Define HB Guppy2

Here is another example that shows 60% black coverage of the area of the defined half-black area from a horizontal point of view.  This is important information to know for breeders of strains such as Half-black Pastels and Half-black Yellows that tend to have white/metallic patch around the dorsal area and top of peduncle. Though keep in mind point deductions will still apply since it is not 100% covered.

Define HB Guppy3

HB Guppy Neon Top

It is important to note that the 60% minimum half-black coverage can be distributed throughout the half-black designated area and not held to a particular section. Also, the minimum 60% black coverage doesn't have to be contiguous areas as long as the black color is seen within the limits of the half-black defined area. In addition, there can be multiple areas that are not black which cannot exceed 40% in total area of the half-black area. See photos of the HB Red and HB Pastel below. If the total non-black area exceeds 40% coverage of the half-black area it will be disqualified.

HB Missing Areas

The maximum half-black body color points are 4 points which is half of the maximum 8 points for body color. The other 4 points for body color are assigned for the front half. The front half body color points are judged on how well it matches the caudal color.

Breaking down how the 4 points are judged for the half-black area; 2 points are assigned for coverage of black color and the other 2 points are assigned for color quality. To get the maximum 2 points for coverage the half-black area must be completely filled with black color. If the half-black extends beyond the defined area there are no additional points awarded. If the black extends into the front-half of the body this will be deducted from the front-half body color points since it should match the caudal color.

The other 2 points assigned for color quality means how close the guppy’s half-black color is compared to true black.  You also have to consider if the guppy has parts that has no black, those sections will have no points for color.

HB Irids

For the black class this is different. The ideal black class guppy would have the body color totally black. The black guppy does not have a minimum black body color to qualify for the IFGA Black Class but the caudal color must be black.





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