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I am available to give presentations to Aquarium Societies/Clubs and academia. Presentations are constantly being updated to my latest guppy projects. Content can be modified from a general overview on breeding fancy guppies, breeding for shows, to deeper subjects such as using genetics. I also present on keeping a healthy aquarium as per my book, Healthy Freshwater Aquarium and Fish. Good presentations skills from being a Marketing Manager in Silicon Valley, California and professional actor for commercials and industrial films. I have presented at Canada's CAOCA convention, San Diego's Aquarium Club, Utah Fancy Guppy Associates, Warsaw - Poland Virtual Presentation, and Silicon Valley Aquarium Club. For samples of my presentation style see my YouTube channel.


  • Fees are negotiable. Basics include travel expense, meals and accomodations.
  • Books I have written available at club discounted prices but need to know a month in advance if I need to order.
  • I ask that the presentation not be video recorded. This is done add value to the club's paying members and rights to my content.
  • Contact me at bgcweb@pacbell.net

Sample slides from my presentations

Presentation guppy basics

presentation guppy maintain

presentation guppy breeding plan

presentation guppy projects breeding
presentation guppy genetics crosses
presentation guppy breeding results





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